Rochester Web Directory

rochester-web-directoryAbout The Rochester Web Directory:

The Rochester Web Directory is being setup as a gathering and meeting place for people with an interest in the Rochester area.

The Rochester Web Directory will have many pages filled with community content. These pages are constructed based on a great deal of input from other Rochester residents. Going forward we want to make it more open for direct and active participation from all of you. We want to be a good community member by giving folks the chance to actively participate and contribute to the site. We are currently in the process of opening our Rochester Forums as well as our Rochester Business Directory. For both of those you will need to register in order to either post in the forums or place an ad for your business in the business directory. The need for registration is to simply prevent some total spamming that might occur without it. None of your registration data will ever be shared with or sold to other 3rd parties so it is safe here.

The Rochester Web Directory will be adding many new features coming up soon as well. Some of our ideas are about having local blogs, classified ads section, rss feeds, and anything else we can think of. We are also open to any ideas or suggestions as to what you would like to have as well.

Again this is a total community site and the amount of use it gets will be up to you! We hope you enjoy your visit here. If you are interested in connecting to all of what is special about Rochester, please bookmark this site and come back often and also let your friends know about it as well.

Brought to you from your friends at the Rochester Web Directory and Rochester Business Directory.